4 Great MOOCs for Up-and-Coming Entrepreneurs

Interested in starting your own company? Here are some courses you should consider to get a head start:

1. Learn “the lean way” with How to Build a Startup

“World Class entrepreneurs are not lucky, they show up more than other people, they provoke luck” – Steve Blank

In this course, Steve Blank, a technology startup pioneer for the last 30 years, guides you through the basics to create your startup. If you are a serious entrepreneur who wants to be Lean and adopt a combination of business-hypothesis-driven experimentation, you should follow his lessons. The course is divided into eight chapters, including value proposition, customer segments, distribution channels, customer relationships, revenue models, partners, and resources.

What is great is the comprehensiveness of course resources:

1. Videos
2. An active forum (the last post was yesterday)
3. Access to Steve Blank’s websites where entrepreneurs can share their idea and get coaching and exercises.

Accessible anytime. Estimated time commitment: 6 hours per week for 1 month.

2. Learn gamification

Kevin Werbach, the author of For the Win: How Game thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business, is starting his Gamification course again soon on Coursera.

If you are planning to create or are currently developing an app or an online business, this course can be very valuable. Being able to implement game elements successfully can help you drive customer engagement and retention. Take for example Duolingo: they turned language learning into a game and managed to make their product social. They now have a very active community, whose members are now ambassadors for the company’s products.

The course takes you deeper into the psychology behind motivation and how to motivate users with gamification. The course also provides practical gamification design frameworks and design choices. Kevin Werbach finishes by covering the limitations of gamification and by going beyond the basics.

Classes start Oct 10th, 2016. Estimated time commitment: 4 to 8 hours per week for 7 weeks.

3. Master public speaking

A fundamental skill for entrepreneurs is the ability to communicate and persuade both individuals and groups. The aim of this MOOC is to teach you the basics of effective oral communication. So you can utilize what you learned in class internally with the people in your company, as well as externally with potential investors, clients, and other stakeholders.

In this course, you will learn about the three pillars of public speaking: impromptu speeches, informative speeches, and persuasive speeches. The course will also touch on how to structure your presentation, and the art of storytelling through great presentations. You’ll also learn specific techniques such as practical approaches to speaking, training your diction, and setting the right tone and speed for different purposes.

Classes start Oct 17th, 2016. Estimated time commitment: 18 hours total over the course of 10 weeks.

4. Learn from the best and brightest: Khan Academy’s Interviews with Entrepreneurs

In these videos, Khan Academy founder Salman Khan asks great entrepreneurs who are shaping our world today to share their stories and how they managed to make their company big. Among the entrepreneurs he interviews, you’ll find talks from Elon Musk (Tesla, Paypal, SpaceX), Reid Hoffman (Linkedin), Drew Houston (Dropbox), Eric Schmidt (Google), Renaud Laplanche (Lending Club), and Richard Branson (Virgin) and more.

I was very inspired by two talks: Elon Musk sharing why and how he bought the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile for SpaceX, and Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg sharing their cultural differences from when they arrived at the Google open office (the 1st Google office).

Self-paced and available anytime.

Feel free to suggest any other online resources that are helpful for up-and-coming entrepreneurs! Don’t forget to save these courses to your Degreed profile so you can learn anytime, anywhere and get credit for your hard work.

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