Trending Articles in Online Learning This Week

Two trending articles in online learning this week as summarized by  

New York Times – ‘Coursera, an Online Education Company, Raises Another $43 Million’

The industries top MOOC, Coursera has raised another $43 million in funding from domestic and international venture capital investors.  Their current investment partners included Kleiner Perkins, NEA, and now the International Finance Corporation (World Bank).  With the new funding, Coursera is expected to double their current employees from ~50 to over 100.  The new funding will fuel growth in areas such as mobile applications and its Signature Track certification offerings.  Since starting just over a year ago, Coursera has signed on 83 educational institutions and offers over 400 free college-level courses to more than four million students around the world.  Read the entire article about the funding from the New York Times.

US News – ‘MOOCs being embraced by top U.S. Universities’

This comprehensive article from US News provides a good overview of current developments in the MOOCs world including:

-The addition of the University of Chicago, all of the top ten universities in the U.S. will begin offering MOOCs.

-Varying ways of approaching MOOCs including Princeton’s establishment of an online-learning policy committee and Columbia’s creation of a Chief Digital Officer role.

-The legislative debate in California over substituting introductory college courses with MOOCs to reduce costs and overcrowding in classrooms.

Despite the varying opinions and approaches, it is certain that MOOCs are causing possibly the fastest disruption the education industry has ever seen.  Read the entire US News article here.

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