Trending Articles in Online Learning This Week

Three trending articles in online learning this week as summarized by 

U.S. News – ‘Five Reasons International Students Should Consider MOOCs’

US News writes that MOOCS are becoming increasingly popular amongst international students.  Not only do they often offer free online learning opportunities for international students, they are becoming increasingly accessible as providers such as Udemy and edX are offering more courses in foreign languages.   They also indicate that MOOCs are starting to be used to prepare students for college-level courses and demonstrate they are capable to succeed in higher education.  Read the entire US News article.

Harvard Business Review – ‘A New Use For MOOCs: Real-World Problem Solving’

This article challenges individuals to not try and fit MOOCs into existing education systems, but consider harnessing their power to solve real-world problems.  The authors of the article founded Coursolve to tackle the issue by connecting courses with organizations to empower students to solve real-world problems.  Readers are encouraged to rethink the definition of what constitutes ‘a student’ and look outside the walls of the traditional classroom to tap into a broader resource pool.   Check out the Harvard Business Review blog to read the entire article.

Huffington Post – ‘My MOOC  Improves My Classroom’

Buck Goldstein an Entrepreneur in Residence and lecturer at University of North Carolina talks about how he expects preparing his Coursera course will improve the traditional classroom experience for the course this fall.  Going through the process of developing a course map and establishing learning modules with key take-aways has added more structure to the course.  He also expects it will allow for more opportunity to ‘flip’ the classroom by allowing students to watch videos outside of class and use classroom time for more experiential and interactive learning.  Read the entire post from the Huffington Post.

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